Simple computer measurement of pulmonary VCO2 per breath.

  title={Simple computer measurement of pulmonary VCO2 per breath.},
  author={Peter H. Breen and Schlomo A. Isserles and Barry A. Harrison and Michael F. Roizen},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={72 5},
Measurements of the volume of CO2 exhaled per breath (VCO2/br) are preferable to end-tidal PCO2, when the exhaled flow and CO2 waveforms may be changing during unsteady states, such as during alterations in positive end-expiratory pressure or alterations in cardiac output. We describe computer algorithms that determine VCO2/br from digital measurements of exhaled flow (including discontinuous signals common in anesthesia circuits) and CO2 concentration at the airway opening. Fractional… CONTINUE READING

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