Simple TLC-screening of acylglycerol levels in biodiesel as an alternative to GC determination.

  title={Simple TLC-screening of acylglycerol levels in biodiesel as an alternative to GC determination.},
  author={Jos{\'e} Domingos Fontana and Giuliano Fernandes Zagonel and Wellington W. D. Vechiatto and B. J. Costa and Jaqueline Laurindo and Rosa Maria Fontana and Leidimara Pelisson and Barquero H. Jorge and Fernando Mauro Lanças},
  journal={Journal of chromatographic science},
  volume={47 9},
Thin layer chromatography (TLC) stained with hot acidic p-anisaldehyde, is an interesting, fast, and low-cost technique to monitor main lipid contaminants such as triacylglycerols, diacylglycerols, and monoacylglycerols in biodiesel. These acylglycerols are detectable by the proposed planar chromatographic method, provided the content of the contaminants exceeds the limits recommended by the international norms applicable to biodiesel quality/specification, namely 0.25% in mass for total… 

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