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Simple Features to Identify Tags in Named Entity Recognition for Spanish Texts

  title={Simple Features to Identify Tags in Named Entity Recognition for Spanish Texts},
  author={Marisol Fierro Ay{\'o}n and H{\'e}ctor Jim{\'e}nez Salazar and Jos{\'e} de Jes{\'u}s Lavalle Mart{\'i}nez},
  journal={Research on computing science},
Plant recognition is an important and challenging task. Leaf recognition plays an important role in plant recognition and its key issue lies in whether selected features are stable and have good ability to discriminate different kinds of leaves. From the view of plant leaf morphology (such as shape, dent, margin, vein and so on), domain–related visual features of plant leaf are analyzed and extracted first. On such a basis, an approach for recognizing plant leaf using artificial neural network… 



Psychological aspects of natural language. use: our words, our selves.

Findings that point to the psychological value of studying particles-parts of speech that include pronouns, articles, prepositions, conjunctives, and auxiliary verbs are summarized.

A model of textual affect sensing using real-world knowledge

This paper demonstrates a new approach, using large-scale real-world knowledge about the inherent affective nature of everyday situations to classify sentences into "basic" emotion categories, and suggests that the approach is robust enough to enable plausible affective text user interfaces.

Lying Words: Predicting Deception from Linguistic Styles

The current project investigated the features of linguistic style that distinguish between true and false stories, and found that liars showed lower cognitive complexity, used fewer self-references and other- References, and used more negative emotion words than truth-tellers.

The Grammatical Knowledge-base of Contemporary Chi nese – A Complete Specification Tsinghua University

  • 1998

El impacto psicofisiológico y cognoscitivo de la expresión emocional autorreflexiva sobre la salud

  • UNAM, México,
  • 2004

Automatic Recognition of Voice Commands in Natural Language Using Artificial Neural Networks

  • Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering ANNIE 2004 Conference, St. Louis. ASME Press, New York
  • 2004

Intelligent human-machine speech communication system

Efficient passage ranking for document databases

Compared to passage ranking with adaptations of current document ranking algorithms, the new “DO-TOS” passage-ranking algorithm requires only a fraction of the resources, at the cost of a small loss of effectiveness.

Pivoted document length normalization

Pivoted normalization is presented, a technique that can be used to modify any normalization function thereby reducing the gap between the relevance and the retrieval probabilities, and two new normalization functions are presented–-pivoted unique normalization and piuotert byte size nornaahzation.

Polyphonic audio matching and alignment for music retrieval

We describe a method that aligns polyphonic audio recordings of music to symbolic score information in standard MIDI files without the difficult process of polyphonic transcription. By using this