Simple, fast, and efficient process for producing and purifying trehalulose.

  title={Simple, fast, and efficient process for producing and purifying trehalulose.},
  author={Y. Wei and Jiayuan Liang and Y. Huang and Panxian Lei and L. Du and Ribo Huang},
  journal={Food chemistry},
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A new property of recombinant trehalose synthase (GTase) from Thermus thermophilus HB-8 (ATCC 27634) was found and described in this study. GTase can act on sucrose and catalyze trehalulose formation without isomaltose, isomaltulose, or isomelezitose, releasing small amounts of glucose and fructose as byproducts. Maximum trehalulose yield (approximately 81%) was obtained at an optimum temperature of 65°C and was independent of substrate concentration. A simple, fast, and efficient method of… Expand
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