Similarity in Gallstone Formation from 900 kcal/day Diets Containing 16 g vs 30 g of Daily Fat (Evidence that Fat Restriction Is Not the Main Culprit of Cholelithiasis During Rapid Weight Reduction)


Diets containing essentially no fat, 1-2 g fatper day, have resulted in cholesterol gallstones.Greater fat may result in less gallbladder stasis. Dogallstones form with greater fat content? We studied 272 moderately obese subjects who had normalgallbladder ultrasonograms. The 900 kcal/day liquiddiets contained either 16 g fat (N = 94) or 30 g fat (N= 178… (More)
DOI: 10.1023/A:1018863108262


3 Figures and Tables

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