Similarity between mycobacterial and human epidermal antigens.

  title={Similarity between mycobacterial and human epidermal antigens.},
  author={T. W. van den Akker and Bernard Naafs and A. J. Kolk and E de Glopper-van der Veer and Regina Chin and Annie Lien and Theodoor van Joost},
  journal={The British journal of dermatology},
  volume={127 4},
Eight out of 17 mouse anti-Mycobacterium leprae monoclonal antibodies (MAb) were previously observed to react with human nerve and skin antigenic determinants in cryostat sections, using an indirect immunoperoxidase technique. These observations suggested that antigenic mimicry may be involved in the development of the clinical manifestations of leprosy. In the present study we have extended our earlier findings by investigating sera from leprosy patients and MAb using Western blot technique… CONTINUE READING

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