Similarity based Query Optimization on Map Reduce using Euler Angle Oriented Approach

  • Dileep Kumar Kadali
  • Published 2012


In recent years, large data sets are used not only for internet application but also used on normal applications. A beneficial research results in the area of similarity-based data retrieval techniques, a favorable approach. As a result, the inclusion of similarity-based retrieval techniques of image data into DBMS is currently an active research issue. In query information system the query-by-example is a method which allows the user to provide an image as a query and to search for similar images based on one-to-one or all comparisons of features of the query in large image database. While studying of this paper, we described Euler’s angle oriented recognition on Map Reduce algorithm. In this algorithm, the data made into two clusters namely, Clock wise and Anti-clock wise rotations. The image is extracted using an angle oriented DCT that invokes certain normalization techniques. Furthermore, face matching is compared to the technique of similarity based query optimization operation using Tanimatto distance. It is observed from the results that use of reliable optimization technique gives a recognition rate is high.

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