Similarities in Aegyptopithecus and Afropithecus facial morphology.

  title={Similarities in Aegyptopithecus and Afropithecus facial morphology.},
  author={Meave G. Leakey and R. E. F. Leakey and Joan T. Richtsmeier and Elwyn L. Simons and Alan C. Walker},
  journal={Folia primatologica; international journal of primatology},
  volume={56 2},
Recently discovered cranial fossils from the Oligocene deposits of the Fayum depression in Egypt provide many details of the facial morphology of Aegyptopithecus zeuxis. Similar features are found in the Miocene hominoid Afropithecus turkanensis. Their presence is the first good evidence of a strong phenetic link between the Oligocene and Miocene hominoids of Africa. A comparison of trait lists emphasizes the similarities of the two fossil species, and leads us to conclude that the two fossil… CONTINUE READING