Simeon Bekbulatovich and Mongol Influence on Ivan IV’s Muscovy

  title={Simeon Bekbulatovich and Mongol Influence on Ivan IV’s Muscovy},
  author={C. Halperin},
  journal={Russian History-histoire Russe},
  • C. Halperin
  • Published 2012
  • History
  • Russian History-histoire Russe
  • Donald Ostrowski’s article “Simeon Bekbulatovich’s Remarkable Career as Tatar Khan, Grand Prince of Rus’, and Monastic Elder” is a masterful summary of the sources and scholarly works which discuss Simeon’s career. However, Ostrowski does not consistently apply the principles of source criticism to his sources, mention sources which we would expect to refer to Simeon but do not, discuss popular views of Simeon, or put scholarly theories of Ivan’s motives in abdicating and elevating Simeon to… CONTINUE READING
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