SimRobot - A General Physical Robot Simulator and Its Application in RoboCup

  title={SimRobot - A General Physical Robot Simulator and Its Application in RoboCup},
  author={Tim Laue and Kai Spiess and Thomas R{\"o}fer},
This paper describes SimRobot, a robot simulator which is able to simulate arbitrary user-defined robots in three-dimensional space. It includes a physical model which is based on rigid body dynamics. To allow an extensive flexibility in building accurate models, a variety of different generic bodies, sensors and actuators has been implemented. Furthermore, the simulator follows an user-oriented approach by including several mechanisms for visualization, direct actuator manipulation, and… 
SimRobot – Development and Applications ?
SimRobot, a robot simulator which is able to simulate arbitrary user-defined robots in three-dimensional space, is described, which includes a physical model which is based on rigid body dynamics.
A Simulation Based Architecture for the Development of an Autonomous All Terrain Vehicle
In this work we describe a simulation environment for an autonomous all-terrain mobile robot. To allow for extensive test and verification of the high-level perception, planning, and trajectory
Automatic Parameter Optimization for a Dynamic Robot Simulation
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An application of the simulation of vehicle kinematics with SimVis3D and the Newton Game Dynamics Engine for simulating the drive system of a bucket excavator as real world scenario is concluded.


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An open-source simulation framework, UberSim, is presented and its ability to simulate vision-centric, balancing robots in a realistic fashion is demonstrated, focusing on accurate simulation with high-frequency control loops and flexible configuration of robot structure and parameters via a client-side definition language.
UCHILSIM: A Dynamically and Visually Realistic Simulator for the RoboCup Four Legged League
It is believed that the use of a highly realistic simulator might speed up the progress in the four legged league by allowing more people to participate in the challenge.
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Strategies for Using a Simulation in the Development of the Bremen Autonomous Wheelchair
The major idea of this paper is not to try to build a perfect simulation of the target system from scratch, but to let the simulation evolve during the experiments with the real system.
The Player/Stage Project: Tools for Multi-Robot and Distributed Sensor Systems
Current usage of Player and Stage is reviewed, and some interesting research opportunities opened up by this infrastructure are identified.
Bremen Small Multi-Agent Robot Team ( B-Smart ) Team Description for RoboCup 2004
The current state and further development of the B-Smart Small Size team since RoboCup 2003 as well as the goals of the team for the next competition are described.
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