SimB16: Modeling Induced Immune System Response against B16-Melanoma

  title={SimB16: Modeling Induced Immune System Response against B16-Melanoma},
  author={Francesco Pappalardo and Ivan Martinez Forero and Marzio Pennisi and As{\'i}s Palaz{\'o}n and Ignacio Melero and Santo Motta},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Immunological therapy of progressive tumors requires not only activation and expansion of tumor specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs), but also an efficient effector phase including migration of CTLs in the tumor tissue followed by conjugation and killing of target cells. We report the application of an agent-based model to recapitulate both the effect of a specific immunotherapy strategy against B16-melanoma in mice and the tumor progression in a generic tissue section. A comparison of the… CONTINUE READING
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