Silyl, hydrido-silylene, or other bonding modes: some unusual structures of [(dhpe)Pt(SiHR2)]+ (dhpe = H2P-CH2-CH2-PH2; R = H, Me, SiH3, Cl, OMe, NMe2) and [(dhpe)Pt(SiR3)](+) (R = Me, Cl) from DFT calculations.

DFT (B3LYP) calculations have been carried out in order to quantitatively evaluate the energies and stereochemistry of the accessible structures of [(dhpe)Pt(SiHR(2))](+) (dhpe = H(2)P-CH(2)-CH(2)-PH(2); R = H, CH(3), SiH(3), Cl, OMe, SMe, NMe(2)) and of [(dhpe)Pt(SiR(3))](+) (R = CH(3), Cl). A number of different isomers have been located. The expected… (More)