Silvopastoral Agroforestry: A Key to Longleaf Pine Restoration

  title={Silvopastoral Agroforestry: A Key to Longleaf Pine Restoration},
  author={Christopher R. Keyes and Matthew G. Keyes},
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tandscape scare. A fter more than a century of decline, the longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) ecosystem of the Southeast has become the subject of a major restoration effort (Johnson and Gjerstad, 1998). On many federal lands in the region, such as national forests, wildlife refuges, and military bases, longleaf pine restoration has become a major forest management issue. At the Apalachicola National Forest on the Florida panhandle, foresters are converting plantations of slash pine (Pinus… 



Four centuries of changing landscape pattern in the longleaf pine ecosystem

  • C. Frost
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Longleaf pine was exploited from first European settlement, but before 1700, dependence on navigable water for travel and trade limited impacts to coastal regions and belts along navigable streams.

Longleaf pines used for cavities by red-cockaded woodpeckers

I studied characteristics and availability of young (-80 yr old) and old (_100 yr old) longleaf pines (Pinus palustris) used and not used for cavities by red-cockaded woodpeckers (Picoides borealis),

Conditions for the start and spread of crown fire

Simple criteria are presented for the initiation of crown combustion and for the minimum rates of spread and heat transfer into the crown combustion zone at which the crown fire will spread.

The sourhem pine region

  • Pp. 271 -333 in Reyond SiltlicuIturc of the United State<, Jaw.
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Some herha~e m p n 5 e r to fire an pine-wir- rang

  • JrnmuE of Range Mrmagmmr 25:2W-2
  • 1972

A longleaf pine sandhill

  • Oklahoma
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Restonn~ Aristrda snicta to Rnus plusms ecosystem$ on the Adanric coaqcal plain

  • U.S.A. Resmation Emhm

Enr~irammtnI Assessment for the BTinr Patch, Dem Hunt, G~e p q Mill, and West P r u n~ A l l n m u . Apalachicola Ranger Dlshict

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Safe harhor for the red - cock - adcd woodpecker

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