Silver accumulation in Pseudomonas stutzeri AG259.

  title={Silver accumulation in Pseudomonas stutzeri AG259.},
  author={Geoffrey M. Gadd and Oliver S. Laurence and Paul A. Briscoe and J. T. Trevors},
  journal={Biology of metals},
  volume={2 3},
Silver toxicity to Pseudomonas stutzeri AG259 was strongly dependent on the NaCl concentration in the medium, which reduced the availability of Ag+ by precipitation as AgCl. Accumulation of Ag by growing cultures was low being less than or equal to 7.5 nmol (mg dry mass)-1 over all treatments examined. The presence of NaCl in the growth medium did not markedly affect the amounts of Ag accumulated by the cells but influenced toxicity as manifest by a lag period which was greatest at low NaCl… CONTINUE READING

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