Silver Nanoparticles in Mesoporous Aerogel Exhibiting Selective Catalytic Oxidation of Benzene in CO2 Free Air

  title={Silver Nanoparticles in Mesoporous Aerogel Exhibiting Selective Catalytic Oxidation of Benzene in CO2 Free Air},
  author={K. Balkis Ameen and K. Rajasekar and Thankappan Rajasekharan},
  journal={Catalysis Letters},
The present article reports the synthesis of silver nanoparticles in silica aerogel matrix by sub-critical drying technique. The catalytic performance of these nanocomposites was evaluated for the selective oxidation of benzene. Silica aerogel with 1, 5, 10 and 25 wt.% of silver was prepared and characterized for their physico-chemical characteristics. The catalytic performance of these samples was evaluated as a function of silver particle size crystallized within the aerogel matrix. The… 
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