Silver Nanoparticles from Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis of Aqueous Silver Nitrate

  title={Silver Nanoparticles from Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis of Aqueous Silver Nitrate},
  author={Kalyana C. Pingali and David A. Rockstraw and S. Deng},
  journal={Aerosol Science and Technology},
  pages={1010 - 1014}
Silver particles less than 20 nm in diameter were synthesized by pyrolysis of an ultrasonically atomized spray of highly dilute aqueous silver nitrate solution at temperatures above 650°C and below the melting point of silver. Feed solution concentration and ultrasound power applied to the atomizer were found to have a significant impact on the particle size of the silver nanoparticles. Average particle size was found to be controllable in the range of 20 nm to 300 nm by varying the solution… 
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