Silk polymers : materials science and biotechnology

  title={Silk polymers : materials science and biotechnology},
  author={David Lee Kaplan and William W. Adams and Barry L. Farmer and Christopher Viney},
Silk: Biology, Structure, Properties, and Genetics General Properties of Some Spider Silks Silk Glands of Araneid Spiders: Selected Morphological and Physiological Aspects Molecular Map for the Silkworm: Constructing New Links between Basic and Applied Research Importance of Unique Silk Proteins to the Ecological and Evolutionary Diversity of Araneid Spiders Initial Characterization of Nephila clavipes Dragline Protein Silk and Silk Proteins from Two Aquatic Insects Synthetic and Recombinant… 

Uncovering the structure-function relationship in spider silk

All spiders produce protein-based biopolymer fibres that we call silk. The most studied of these silks is spider dragline silk, which is very tough and relatively abundant compared with other types

Egg Case Protein-1

Combining matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometry and reverse genetics, a novel gene called ecp-1 is isolated, which encodes for one of the protein components of the 100-kDa species of egg case silk, a new class of silk proteins with distinctive molecular features relative to traditional members of the spider silk gene family.

Segmented nanofibers of spider dragline silk: Atomic force microscopy and single-molecule force spectroscopy

Force spectra for single molecules of the silk protein demonstrate that this protein unfolds through a number of rupture events, indicating a modular substructure within single silk protein molecules.

Evolution of arthropod silks.

  • C. Craig
  • Biology, Medicine
    Annual review of entomology
  • 1997
The comparative data and phylogenetic analyses in this review suggest that the silk-secreting systems of spiders and insects are homologous and linked to the crural gland and cuticular secretions of an onychophoran-like ancestor.

Microbial production of spider silk proteins.

Recombinant production of spider silk proteins.

Silk I structure in Bombyx mori silk foams.