Silicosis among gemstone workers in South Africa: tiger's-eye pneumoconiosis.

  title={Silicosis among gemstone workers in South Africa: tiger's-eye pneumoconiosis.},
  author={Neil W. White and Runjan Chetty and Eric D Bateman},
  journal={American journal of industrial medicine},
  volume={19 2},
Six cases of silicosis in workers involved in the processing of semiprecious gem stones have been seen in our clinic since 1976. They had been employed as stone sculptors in lapidaries where they processed tiger's-eye, rose quartz, amethyst, quartz crystal, and a variety of other locally occurring semiprecious stones. In five of the cases, exposure was in small and poorly regulated lapidaries without specific dust control measures. The sixth was detected during the course of a health and… CONTINUE READING