Silicone in nasal augmentation rhinoplasty: a decade of clinical experience.

  title={Silicone in nasal augmentation rhinoplasty: a decade of clinical experience.},
  author={Anand Kumar Deva and Suzan Merten and Lionel Chang},
  journal={Plastic and reconstructive surgery},
  volume={102 4},
A number of materials, both biologic and alloplastic, have been used for nasal augmentation. Although biologic bone and cartilage grafts are associated with lower infection rates, they are also associated with long-term resorption and donor-site morbidity. Alloplastic materials, in particular silicone, have been associated in the literature with extrusion and infection but have the advantages of being affordable and easy to reshape with no requirement for harvesting autografts. A 10-year… CONTINUE READING


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