Silicon optical fiber.


Described herein are initial experimental details and properties of a silicon core, silica glass-clad optical fiber fabricated using conventional optical fiber draw methods. Such semiconductor core fibers have potential to greatly influence the fields of nonlinear fiber optics, infrared and THz power delivery. More specifically, x-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy showed the core to be highly crystalline silicon. The measured propagation losses were 4.3 dB/m at 2.936 microm, which likely are caused by either microcracks in the core arising from the large thermal expansion mismatch with the cladding or to SiO(2) precipitates formed from oxygen dissolved in the silicon melt. Suggestions for enhancing the performance of these semiconductor core fibers are provided. Here we show that lengths of an optical fiber containing a highly crystalline semiconducting core can be produced using scalable fiber fabrication techniques.

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