Silicon Nitride from Supernovae

  title={Silicon Nitride from Supernovae},
  author={Larry R Nittler and Peter Hoppe and CONEL M. O.’D. ALEXANDER and Sachiko Amari and Peter Eberhardt and Xia Gao and Roy S. Lewis and ROGER STREBEL and Robert M. Walker and Ernst Zinner},
Seven presolar silicon nitride (Si3N4) dust grains have been identified (five unambiguously and two probably) in separates of the Tieschitz (H3.6) and Murchison (CM2) meteorites, confirming previous tentative identifications of this mineral as a presolar component. These rare (?2 ppb in Murchison) grains have isotopic compositions similar to those of the uncommon class of meteoritic SiC known as grains X (160 ppb in Murchison), namely Si and N excesses relative to solar, both C excesses and… CONTINUE READING
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