Silicon/quartz bonding and quartz deep RIE for the fabrication of quartz resonator structures

  title={Silicon/quartz bonding and quartz deep RIE for the fabrication of quartz resonator structures},
  author={Hyoung-Kyoon Jung and Young-Suk Hwang and Ik-Jae Hyeon and Yong-Kweon Kim and Chang-Wook Baek},
  journal={2008 3rd IEEE International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems},
In this paper, silicon/quartz bonding and quartz deep RIE (DRIE) processes have been developed to fabricate micromechanical quartz resonator structures. A low temperature (< 300degC), plasma-assisted silicon/quartz bonding condition that can provide the maximum bonding shear strength of 10 MPa has been experimentally constructed. The bonded silicon wafer was first applied to an etch mask of quartz, and thick quartz microstructures (~ 50 mum) have been fabricated by deep RIE of quartz with a gas… CONTINUE READING


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