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Silicene Spintronics

  title={Silicene Spintronics},
  author={Yangyang Wang and Ruge Quhe and Dapeng Yu and Ju Li and Jing Lu},
Spintronics involves the study of active control and manipulation of spin degrees of freedom in solid-state systems. The fascinating spin-resolved properties of graphene motivate numerous researchers into the studies of spintronics in graphene and other two-dimensional (2D) materials. Silicene, silicon analog of graphene, is considered as a promising material for spintronics. Here, we present a review on the theoretical advances about the spin-dependent properties including the electric field… 
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Conductance, valley and spin polarizations, and tunneling magnetoresistance in ferromagnetic-normal-ferromagnetic junctions of silicene

We investigate charge conductance and spin and valley polarization along with the tunnelling magneto-resistance (TMR) in silicene junctions composed of normal silicene and ferromagnetic silicene. We