Silica hybrid nanocomposites

  title={Silica hybrid nanocomposites},
  author={Georgi E. Chernev and Bisserka Samuneva and Petar R. Djambaski and Isabel M. Miranda Salvado and Helena Maria V. Fernandes},
  journal={Central European Journal of Chemistry},
In this work we present experimental results about the formation, properties and structure of sol — gel silica based biocomposite containing Calcium alginate as an organic compound. Two different types of silicon precursors have been used in the synthesis: tetramethylortosilicate (TMOS) and ethyltrimethoxysilane (ETMS). The samples have been prepared at room temperature. The hybrids have been synthesized by replacing different quantitis of the inorganic precursor with alginate. The structure of… CONTINUE READING

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