Silica-encapsulated nanomagnetic particle as a new recoverable biocatalyst carrier.

  title={Silica-encapsulated nanomagnetic particle as a new recoverable biocatalyst carrier.},
  author={Shik Chi Edman Tsang and Chih Hao Yu and Xin Gao and Kin Yip Tam},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
  volume={110 34},
Enzymes are versatile biocatalysts with major advantages of ultrahigh reaction selectivity and specificity under mild conditions, which currently find increasing applications. However, their applications are often hampered by difficulties in recovery and recycling. As a result, we carried out detailed investigations on the synthesis and characterization of silica-encapsulated iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles of controlled dimension as an enzyme carrier. It is shown that the relatively smaller… CONTINUE READING

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