Silica: Physical Behavior, Geochemistry and Materials Applications

  title={Silica: Physical Behavior, Geochemistry and Materials Applications},
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Computational Alchemy: The Rational Design of New Superhard Materials
Effects of pressure solution and phyllosilicates on the slip and sompaction behaviour of crustal faults
This thesis aims to elucidate the effects of pressure solution and phyllosilicates on the compaction and shear behaviour of granular materials chosen to simulate fault gouge deforming under
Thermodynamic modeling of solubility and speciation of silica in H2O-SiO2 fluid up to 1300°C and 20 kbar based on the chain reaction formalism
Recent systematic studies of mineral solubilities in water to high pressures up to 50 kbar call for a suitable thermodynamic formalism to allow realistic fitting of the experimental data and the
Quantifying distortion from ideal closest-packing in a crystal structure with analysis and application.
A parameter, U(cp), that quantifies the distortion of the anion skeleton in a crystal from ideal closest-packing has been developed. It is a measure of the average isotropic displacement of the
High-efficiency cogeneration boiler bagasse-ash geochemistry and mineralogical change effects on the potential reuse in synthetic zeolites, geopolymers, cements, mortars, and concretes
Reported mill boiler temperatures discrepancies and the physical characteristics of the ash, highlight the importance of accurate temperature monitoring at the combustion seat if bagasse ash quality is to be prioritised to ensure a usable final ash product.
Estimating adsorption enthalpies and affinity sequences of monovalent electrolyte ions on oxide surfaces in aqueous solution
Abstract A new expression is developed for estimating the adsorption enthalpy of aqueous, monovalent ions on charged surfaces of solid oxides up to about 70°C. For sorption of the M-th cation and
A Critical Review on the Mineralogy and Processing for High-Grade Quartz
High-purity quartz (SiO2) is an important material widely used in many industries, including semiconductor technology, telecommunication, and optics. The content and distribution of impurities in
Dissolution and formation of quartz in soil environments: a review
Quartz is undoubtedly the most common mineral at the Earth’s surface, whether in rocks, weathering profiles, sediments or soils, especially those of a sandy texture. Yet despite the universality of