Silence, Destruction and Closure at Great Zimbabwe: Local Narratives of Desecration and Alienation

  title={Silence, Destruction and Closure at Great Zimbabwe: Local Narratives of Desecration and Alienation},
  author={Joost Fontein},
  journal={Journal of Southern African Studies},
  pages={771 - 794}
  • J. Fontein
  • Published 1 December 2006
  • Sociology, History
  • Journal of Southern African Studies
Based on recent research around Great Zimbabwe National Monument in southern Zimbabwe, this article considers the history of Great Zimbabwe's ‘destruction’ and ‘desecration’ from the perspective of the elders of the surrounding communities. Although each clan puts forwards competing claims over Great Zimbabwe, their narratives of the processes that have led to its ‘desecration’ are remarkably similar. Using notions of ‘destruction’, ‘closure’, and ‘silence’ these narratives illustrate how the… 

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    96 NMMZ file G1(I), Ref G/1:EM/wcm, 'Letter from Chief Mugabe to Dawson Munjeri

      Interview with Chief Mugabe

        Ranger 'Nationalist Historiography, Patriotic History and the History of the Nation

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              Ref G/1:EM/wcm, Letter from D. Munjeri to Chief Mugabe

              • NMMZ file G1(I)

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