Significant genetic differentiation between Poland and Germany follows present-day political borders, as revealed by Y-chromosome analysis

  title={Significant genetic differentiation between Poland and Germany follows present-day political borders, as revealed by Y-chromosome analysis},
  author={M. Kayser and O. Lao and K. Anslinger and C. Augustin and Grazyna Bargel and J. Edelmann and S. Elias and M. Heinrich and J. Henke and L. Henke and C. Hohoff and A. Illing and A. Jonkisz and P. Kuźniar and A. Lebioda and R. Lessig and S. Lewicki and A. Maciejewska and D. Monies and R. Pawlowski and Micaela Poetsch and D. Schmid and U. Schmidt and P. Schneider and B. Stradmann-Bellinghausen and R. Szibor and R. Wegener and M. Woźniak and M. Zoledziewska and L. Roewer and T. Dobosz and R. Płoski},
  journal={Human Genetics},
  • M. Kayser, O. Lao, +29 authors R. Płoski
  • Published 2005
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Human Genetics
  • To test for human population substructure and to investigate human population history we have analysed Y-chromosome diversity using seven microsatellites (Y-STRs) and ten binary markers (Y-SNPs) in samples from eight regionally distributed populations from Poland (n=913) and 11 from Germany (n=1,215). Based on data from both Y-chromosome marker systems, which we found to be highly correlated (r=0.96), and using spatial analysis of the molecular variance (SAMOVA), we revealed statistically… CONTINUE READING
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