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Significance of the web as a learning resource in an Australian University context

  title={Significance of the web as a learning resource in an Australian University context},
  author={Si Fan},
  • S. Fan
  • Published 1 June 2011
  • Education
The Web and web-based technologies have become widely acceptable and feasible in the modern society. It has created a new paradigm in various areas, including the field of education. Web-based learning, as a strong manifestation of e-learning, has also become indispensible within the tertiary education context. Web-based learning is powerful in many aspects in both traditional curriculum as well as online courses. The Web provides teaching staff and students with a powerful source for… 

Exploring the Application of Computer-Assisted English Learning in a Chinese Mainland Context: Based on Students’ Attitudes and Behaviours

Computer-assisted language learning (CALL) has played an important role in language curriculums for Chinese schools and university over two decades; however, few researchers rare focused on this

A Review of the Terminologies Used in the Field of Online Learning

After analysing ten online learning terms related to technology, the paper found that, although there were some discrepancies among these terms, the connections to either internet or network was one of their common characteristics.

The role of E-portfolios in higher education: The experience of pre-service teachers

Abstract The term e-portfolio refers to a portfolio an electronic format that allows users to collect evidence of learning in several media types (e.g., audio, video, text, and graphics) and to

Exploring students' attitudes and behaviours of computer assisted English learning: A Chinese mainland context

Although computer- assisted language learning (CALL) has played an important role in language curriculums for Chinese schools and university over two decades, few researchers shed lights on this

Web-Based Technologies

The World Wide Web, as an essential means of support, is contributing to the development of remote teaching and providing a wealth of possibilities in the field of education.

digiMe: An Online Portal to Support Connectivity through E-Learning in Medical Education

Connectivity is intrinsic to all aspects of our life today, be it political, economic, technological, scientific, or personal. Higher education is also transcending the previous paradigm of

Investigating academics' voluntary usage of a learning management system

This research investigates the voluntary usage of learning management system (LMS) in a blended learning environment used by academics. The problem this research seeks to answer is: how do academics

Chinese University Students’ Experience of WeChat-Based English-Language Vocabulary Learning

The outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide in 2020 has posed tremendous challenges to higher education globally. Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is among the many areas affected by the



The use of a hybrid model in web-based education: the global campus project

Education is one of the key sectors that benefited from the continuous developments and innovations in information and communication technology. The changes have affected the concepts of teaching,

Web-Based Virtual Learning Environments: A Research Framework and a Preliminary Assessment of Effectiveness in Basic IT Skills Training

The results indicate that, in the context of IT basic skills training in undergraduate education, there are no significant differences in performance between students enrolled in the two environments, however, the VLE leads to higher reported computer self-efficacy, while participants report being less satisfied with the learning process.

Summative and formative evaluations of Internet-based teaching

INTRODUCTION Teaching is a communication process in which a body of knowledge is delivered from an instructor to students (Gagne, 1985). This communication traditionally takes place in a classroom.

Using Web-Based Course to Enhance Educational Process at Jordan Universities – A Case Study

This paper shows that the use of web-based instruction in IT undergraduate distanc elearning program is one vivid demonstration of the potential of using technology in instruction. The paper also

Web-based learning and instruction: a constructivist approach

To help academicians and practitioners provide effective constructivist learning experiences for students and employees, the following issues will be addressed.

Towards a new tradition of online instruction: Using situated learning to design web-based units

This paper contends that recent research and learning theory have provided the basis for a more informed and appropriate approach to the design of online learning units and offers an alternative design framework, based on the theory of situated learning and constructivist philosophy.

A Study on Students’ Views On Blended Learning Environment

Students’ achievement levels and their frequency of participation to forum affected their views about blended learning environment, and face-to-face interaction in blended learning application had the highest score, demonstrated the importance of interaction and communication for the success of on-line learning.

Instructional Interactivity in a Web-Based Learning Community

It is demonstrated in this chapter that enhanced interactivity is the single most important reason why teachers should practice Web-based teaching and why students should be encouraged to construct

Computer-supported learning in the context of health education

Some findings of a study which examined the views of students and staff on the link between some educational concepts and principles and how they valued the role of computer in teaching and learning are reported, with a special attention to the discourse of health education.

Web-based education

The Internet is changing the very nature of society in ways unparalleled since the industrial revolution. It is affecting local, national and global economies and their infrastructures. Information