Significance of the Radial Electric Field to Divertor Load Asymmetries

  title={Significance of the Radial Electric Field to Divertor Load Asymmetries},
  author={Taina-Kaisa Kurki-Suonio and Seppo Sipil{\"a} and Timo P. Kiviniemi and Jukka Pekka Oskari Heikkinen and Wojtek Fundamenski and Geoffrey Frank Matthews and Valeria Riccardo},
  journal={Czechoslovak Journal of Physics},
JET divertor load measurements using embedded thermocouples have indicated a large target asymmetry and non-uniformities in the loads and that, under H-mode conditions, the load is dominated by the ion component. ASCOT simulations of the ion contribution to JET divertor loads are consistent with the presence of a large outward radial electric field Er in the scrape-off layer (SOL) next to the separatrix. Such a field would provide an explanation for observed features of the divertor loads in… CONTINUE READING


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