Significance of cerebellar tonsillar position on MR.

  title={Significance of cerebellar tonsillar position on MR.},
  author={A. James Barkovich and Franz J. Wippold and J L Sherman and Charles M. Citrin},
  journal={AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology},
  volume={7 5},
It has been noted that a low degree of ectopia of the cerebellar tonsils on MR is of questionable significance. We measured the position of the cerebellar tonsils with respect to the inferior aspect of the foramen magnum in 200 normal patients and in 25 patients with a firm diagnosis of Chiari I malformation. In the normal group, the mean position of the tonsils was 1 mm above the foramen magnum with a range from 8 mm above the foramen magnum to 5 mm below. In the patients with Chiari I… CONTINUE READING
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