Significance of T-lymphocytes in wound healing.

  title={Significance of T-lymphocytes in wound healing.},
  author={John M Peterson and Adrian Barbul and R J Breslin and Hannah L. Wasserkrug and Gershon Efron},
  volume={102 2},
To determine the importance of T-lymphocytes in wound healing, we examined the effect of T-lymphocyte depletion on the healing of surgical wounds. Thirty Balb/c mice were injected intraperitoneally with 1 mg of rat anti-mouse (IgG2b) cytotoxic monoclonal antibody (30H12) against the Thy1.2 (all T) determinant. Twenty-four hours later animals showed a greater than 95% depletion of Thy1.2 cells in peripheral blood and spleen. Thirty control mice received nonspecific rat immunoglobulin (1 mg… CONTINUE READING