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Significance of Ear Wax Impaction in School Children: A Case of Winneba West Circuit, Ghana

  title={Significance of Ear Wax Impaction in School Children: A Case of Winneba West Circuit, Ghana},
  author={Sesi Collins Akotey and Edward Kodzo Adza and Adam Awini and Joana Cobbinah and Kenneth Kofi Darko and E. Ador and Lydia Polley Arckertson and Patience Dadzie-Bonney and Charles Adzoe and Belinda Asamoah and Anthony Atandigre Agomboka},
  journal={Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing},
Cerumen or earwax is a mixture of secretions that is sebum together with secretions from modified apocrine glands and sloughed epithelial cells present in the external auditory canals of humans. Earwax impaction is one of the most common reasons patients seek medical care for ear-related problems such as blockage and conductive hearing impairment. However, in Ghana there is virtually no literature on earwax impaction among school children. The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of… 
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