Significance of ER–Src axis in hormonal therapy resistance

  title={Significance of ER–Src axis in hormonal therapy resistance},
  author={Sreeram Vallabhaneni and Binoj Chandrasekharan Nair and Valerie Cortez and Rambabu Challa and Dimple Chakravarty and Rajeshwar Rao Tekmal and Ratna K Vadlamudi},
  journal={Breast Cancer Research and Treatment},
The estrogen receptor (ER) is implicated in the progression of breast cancer. Despite positive effects of hormonal therapy, initial or acquired resistance to endocrine therapies frequently occurs. Recent studies suggested ERα-coregulator PELP1 and growth factor receptor ErbB2/HER2 play an essential role in hormonal therapy responsiveness. Src axis couples ERα with HER2 and PELP1, thus representing a new pathway for targeted therapy resistance. To establish the significance of ER–Src axis in… CONTINUE READING