Significance of C4d staining in ABO-identical/compatible liver transplantation

  title={Significance of C4d staining in ABO-identical/compatible liver transplantation},
  author={Hiromi Sakashita and Hironori Haga and Eishi Ashihara and M J Wen and Hiroaki Tsuji and Aya Miyagawa-Hayashino and Hiroto Egawa and Yasutsugu Takada and Taira Maekawa and Shinji Uemoto and Toshiaki Manabe},
  journal={Modern Pathology},
Complement degradation product C4d has become an important marker of humoral or antibody-mediated rejection in renal and heart allograft biopsies. Although there have been several reports on the detection of C4d in liver allografts, the significance of C4d in liver transplantation and its relationship with humoral rejection are still not clear. We investigated the frequency and pattern of C4d staining in liver allograft biopsies with reference to preoperative lymphocyte crossmatch tests, which… CONTINUE READING