Significado da consulta de enfermagem em puericultura: percepção de enfermeiras de estratégia saúde da família doi: 10.4025/cienccuidsaude.v11i4.19414

  title={Significado da consulta de enfermagem em puericultura: percepç{\~a}o de enfermeiras de estrat{\'e}gia sa{\'u}de da fam{\'i}lia doi: 10.4025/cienccuidsaude.v11i4.19414},
  author={La{\'i}s Costa and Eveline Franco da Silva and Elisiane Lorenzini and M{\'a}rcia Rejane Strapasson and Ana Carla dos Santos Fischer Pruss and A L Bonilha},
This study aimed to know the meaning of nursing consultation on childcare in the perception of nurses in the Family Health Strategy program. This is a descriptive and qualitative study, carried out with 15 nurses from the Family Health Strategy in a town in southern Brazil. Data collection occurred from March to April 2012 by semi structured interviews. Data were analyzed according to thematic analysis. The research was approved by the Research Ethics Committee with notion number 069/11. From… CONTINUE READING