Signed graphs

  title={Signed graphs},
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On the signed chromatic number of some classes of graphs

On the existence of non-golden signed graphs

A signed graph is a pair Γ=( G ,σ), where G =( V ( G ), E ( G )) is a graph and σ: E ( G ) → {+1, -1} is the sign function on the edges of G . For a signed graph we consider the least eigenvalue λ(Γ)

Tutte's dichromate for signed graphs

Some Topics concerning Graphs, Signed Graphs and Matroids

We discuss well-quasi-ordering in graphs and signed graphs, giving two short proofs of the bounded case of S. B. Rao’s conjecture. We give a characterization of graphs whose bicircular matroids are

Note on Path Signed Graphs

Data in the social sciences can often modeled using signed graphs, graphs where every edge has a sign + or , or marked graphs, graphs where every vertex has a sign + or . The path graph Pk(G) of a

The flow and tension spaces and lattices of signed graphs

Homomorphisms of signed graphs: An update

Concepts of signed graph coloring

Conformal Decomposition of Integral Tensions and Potentials of Signed Graphs

Con conformally indecomposable tensions of T(\Sigma,{\Bbb Z}) are classified as characteristic vectors of signed-graphic directed bonds and a class of characteristic vector of directed semi-bonds and d...