Signatures of a long-range spin-triplet component in an Andreev interferometer

  title={Signatures of a long-range spin-triplet component in an Andreev interferometer},
  author={Anatoly F. Volkov},
  journal={Physical Review B},
  • A. Volkov
  • Published 6 July 2020
  • Materials Science, Mathematics
  • Physical Review B
We analyze the Josephson ${I}_{J}$ and dissipative ${I}_{\text{dis}}$ currents in a magnetic Andreev interferometer in the presence of the long-range spin triplet component (LRSTC). The Andreev interferometer has a crosslike geometry and consists of a ${\mathrm{SF}}_{l}\text{\ensuremath{-}}\mathrm{F}\text{\ensuremath{-}}{\mathrm{F}}_{r}\mathrm{S}$ circuit and perpendicular to it a N-F-N circuit, where S, ${\mathrm{F}}_{l,r}$ are superconductors and weak ferromagnets with noncollinear… 

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