Signatures of Exo-Solar Planets in Dust Debris Disks

  title={Signatures of Exo-Solar Planets in Dust Debris Disks},
  author={L. Ozernoy and N. Gorkavyi and J. Mather and T. Taidakova},
  • L. Ozernoy, N. Gorkavyi, +1 author T. Taidakova
  • Published 1999
  • Physics
  • We apply our recently elaborated, powerful numerical approach to the high-resolution modeling of the structure and emission of circumstellar dust disks, incorporating all relevant physical processes. Specifically, we examine the resonant structure of a dusty disk induced by the presence of one planet. It is shown that the planet, via resonances and gravitational scattering, produces (1) an asymmetric resonant dust belt with one or more clumps, intermittent with one or a few off-center cavities… CONTINUE READING
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