Signature Extraction for Overlap Detection in Documents

  title={Signature Extraction for Overlap Detection in Documents},
  author={Raphael A. Finkel and Arkady B. Zaslavsky and Kriszti{\'a}n Monostori and Heinz W. Schmidt},
Easyaccessto theWebhasled to increasedpotentialfor studentscheating on assignmentsby plagiarisingothers’ work. By the sametoken, Web-basedtoolsoffer thepotentialfor instructorsto checksubmittedassignmentsfor signsof plagiarism.Overlap-detectiontoolsareeasyto use andaccuratein plagiarismdetection,sothey canbeanexcellentdeterrent to plagiarism.Documentscanoverlapfor otherreasons, too: Old documentsaresuperseded, andauthorssummarizepreviouswork identically in severalpapers.Overlap… CONTINUE READING
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