Signalling pathways involved in hypoxia‐induced renal fibrosis

  title={Signalling pathways involved in hypoxia‐induced renal fibrosis},
  author={Minna Liu and Xiaoxuan Ning and Rong Li and Zhen Yang and Xiaoxia Yang and Shiren Sun and Qi Qian},
  booktitle={Journal of cellular and molecular medicine},
Renal fibrosis is the common pathological hallmark of progressive chronic kidney disease (CKD) with diverse aetiologies. Recent researches have highlighted the critical role of hypoxia during the development of renal fibrosis as a final common pathway in end-stage kidney disease (ESKD), which joints the scientist's attention recently to exploit the molecular mechanism underlying hypoxia-induced renal fibrogenesis. The scaring formation is a multilayered cellular response and involves the… CONTINUE READING


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