Signalling pathways in cardiac failure.

  title={Signalling pathways in cardiac failure.},
  author={Roger J Summers and L R McMartin and Andrew R. Kompa and Xi'an Gu and Peter Molenaar},
  journal={Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology},
  volume={22 11},
UNLABELLED 1. Cardiac failure in humans and in animal models is associated with a marked desensitization of the catecholamine signalling pathway. 2. Beta 1- and beta 2- and possibly beta 3-adrenoceptors (beta-AR) are found in the hearts of humans and common laboratory animals such as rats and guinea-pigs. In rats and guinea-pigs chronic stimulation of cardiac beta-AR leads to a rapid loss of beta 2-AR whereas heart failure in humans is associated with a loss of beta 1-AR or beta 1-AR and beta 2… CONTINUE READING