Signalling-embedded training sequence design for block transmission systems


In order to accommodate the different applications in wireless transmission environment, communication systems usually provide several configurable transmission modes. Therefore, transmission parameter signalling (TPS) is critical for the receiver to recognize the signal transmission modes. In this paper, the pseudo-noise (PN) training sequence with embedded signalling in the time domain synchronous block transmission (TDS-BT) system is investigated, where the TPS could be conveyed through the transformation of the PN sequences in the frame head. The proposed signalling-embedded PN sequences could provide precise synchronization as well as robust signalling performance without extra transmission resource consumption. Computer simulations are also presented to verify the effectiveness of our proposed methods.

DOI: 10.1109/IWCMC.2011.5982622

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@article{He2011SignallingembeddedTS, title={Signalling-embedded training sequence design for block transmission systems}, author={Lifeng He and Fang Yang and Zhaocheng Wang}, journal={2011 7th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference}, year={2011}, pages={647-651} }