Signaling through beta-catenin and Lef/Tcf.

  title={Signaling through beta-catenin and Lef/Tcf.},
  author={Anton Novak and Shoukat Dedhar},
  journal={Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS},
  volume={56 5-6},
Beta-catenin plays a structural role in cell adhesion by binding to cadherins at the intracellular surface of the plasma membrane and a signaling role in the cytoplasm as the penultimate downstream mediator of the wnt signaling pathway. The ultimate mediator of this pathway is a nuclear complex of beta-catenin acting as a coactivtor with lymphoid enhancer factor/T cell factor (Lef/Tcf) transcription factors to stimulate transcription of a variety of target genes. Signaling through beta-catenin… CONTINUE READING
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