Signaling from G-protein-coupled receptors to mitogen-activated protein (MAP)-kinase cascades.

  title={Signaling from G-protein-coupled receptors to mitogen-activated protein (MAP)-kinase cascades.},
  author={Marco L{\'o}pez-Ilasaca},
  journal={Biochemical pharmacology},
  volume={56 3},
Heterotrimeric GTP-binding protein (G-protein)-coupled receptors are able to induce a variety of responses including cell proliferation, differentiation, and activation of several intracellular kinase cascades. Prominent among these kinases are the activation of mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase, including the extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERKs), ERK1 and ERK2 (p44mapk and p42mapk, respectively); stress-activated protein kinases (SAPKs/JNKs); and p38 kinase. These receptors… CONTINUE READING

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