Signaling Receptors for TGF-β Family Members.

  title={Signaling Receptors for TGF-β Family Members.},
  author={Carl-Henrik Heldin and Aristidis Moustakas},
  journal={Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology},
  volume={8 8}
Transforming growth factor β (TGF-β) family members signal via heterotetrameric complexes of type I and type II dual specificity kinase receptors. The activation and stability of the receptors are controlled by posttranslational modifications, such as phosphorylation, ubiquitylation, sumoylation, and neddylation, as well as by interaction with other proteins at the cell surface and in the cytoplasm. Activation of TGF-β receptors induces signaling via formation of Smad complexes that are… CONTINUE READING