Signal transfer in haloarchaeal sensory rhodopsin- transducer complexes.

  title={Signal transfer in haloarchaeal sensory rhodopsin- transducer complexes.},
  author={Jun Sasaki and John L. Spudich},
  journal={Photochemistry and photobiology},
  volume={84 4},
Membrane-inserted complexes consisting of two photochemically reactive sensory rhodopsin (SR) subunits flanking a homodimer of a transducing protein subunit (Htr) are used by halophilic archaea for sensing light gradients to modulate their swimming behavior (phototaxis). The SR-Htr complexes extend into the cytoplasm where the Htr subunits bind a his-kinase that controls a phosphorylation system that regulates the flagellar motors. This review focuses on current progress primarily on the… CONTINUE READING
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