Signal Shaping for Unique-Word OFDM by Selected Mapping

  title={Signal Shaping for Unique-Word OFDM by Selected Mapping},
  author={Johannes B. Huber and Jakob Rettelbach and Mathis Seidl and Mario Huemer},
Selected Mapping (SLM) is known to be a useful method to reduce the peak to average power ratio (PAPR) of OFDM transmit signals. In this paper, the performance of PAPRreduction for Unique Word (UW-) OFDM is investigated where in contrast to usual cyclic prefix (CP-) OFDM correlations between subcarrier data exist due to a complex number Reed-Solomon code along the subcarriers. It is shown that these correlations do not impair the positive properties of SLM for PAPR-reduction. Moreover, SLM is a… CONTINUE READING