Signal Processing Algorithm of STC Waveforms for the Phased array MIMO Radar : Overview on Target Localization

  title={Signal Processing Algorithm of STC Waveforms for the Phased array MIMO Radar : Overview on Target Localization},
  author={Samiran Pramanik and Nirmalendu Bikas Sinha and C. K. Sarkar},
Abstract: The MIMO phased array radar is a theoretical concept for multi-sensor radar planning that combines elements of traditional phased-array radar with the developing technology of multiple-input multiple output (MIMO) radar. Space-time coding (STC) has been shown to play a key role in the design of Phased Array MIMO radar where MIMO radar can achieve improved localization performance by employing a coherent processing approach with proper antenna positioning. Coherent processing, however… CONTINUE READING
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