Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalysis of Albert Hirst

  title={Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalysis of Albert Hirst},
  author={D. Joanne Lynn},
  journal={Bulletin of the History of Medicine},
  pages={69 - 93}
  • D. J. Lynn
  • Published 1 March 1997
  • Medicine
  • Bulletin of the History of Medicine
Apres avoir decrit l'histoire d'Albert Hirst, un jeune patient de Sigmund Freud, l'impact des methodes de la psychanalyse et du traitement psychanalytique de Freud sont analyses en montrant sa relation avec ses patients 
Freud: darkness and vision.
  • L. Breger
  • Psychology
    Psychodynamic psychiatry
  • 2012
The valuable contributions and the wrong turns of Freud are described, and it is shown how both can be understood in terms of the traumas he suffered as a child, as well as his particular adaptations to them.
Freud's psychoanalysis of Edith Banfield Jackson, 1930-1936.
  • D. J. Lynn
  • Psychology
    The journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry
  • 2003
This paper is a historical study of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis of Edith Banfield Jackson. It relies on primary sources, including unpublished correspondence, to describe her background, the
Anonymity, neutrality, and confidentiality in the actual methods of Sigmund Freud: a review of 43 cases, 1907-1939.
Examination of Sigmund Freud's practice of psychoanalysis in his mature years and the relationship between these methods and Freud's published recommendations show a substantial disparity between Freud's recommendations and his actual methods.
Female autoerotism in twentieth century sexology and sex research
In this thesis I argue that female masturbation is still in some ways seen as problematic even though it is no longer represented as a basis for shame and sin. Historians have shed light on the
Pillow Talk: Credibility, Trust and the Sexological Case History
The uses of cases based on case histories of various ‘perversions’, and the sociological issues that surround the construction of sexological knowledge based on them, are addressed in this paper.
The JACS Study I
The hypotheses that alcoholic Jews suffer from lack of education, poor income, alienation or loss of religious conviction failed to be supported by the JACS study, and alcohol is the drug of choice for chemically dependent Jews.
Un cas clinique inédit de Winnicott : élaboration d’un environnement thérapeutique dans la cure d’une jeune fille anorexique
La question de l’elaboration d’un environnement therapeutique est au premier plan dans le parcours de Winnicott. Avant de presenter un cas clinique inedit de Winnicott a partir de sa correspondance
Existe-t-il encore un Freud inconnu ? : Remarques sur les publications de Freud, ainsi que sur des documents inédits
Ces dernieres annees ont vu une veritable avalanche de publications de et sur Freud : des correspondances non publiees jusqu’ici, d’autres materiaux originaux et une quantite de litterature
Psychopathia sexualis: sexuality in old and new psychoanalysis.
  • L. Breger
  • Psychology
    Journal of clinical psychology
  • 2014
Sigmund Freud's misguided theories of sexual or libidinal drives and the Oedipus complex are shown to be defenses against his own traumatic attachment history.
Is there still an unknown Freud? A note on the publications of Freud's texts and on unpublished documents.
It is concluded that a wealth of material is now available to Freud scholars, although more often than not this information is used in a biased and partisan way.


Brother animal : the story of Freud and Tausk
A major figure among pre-World War I psychoanalysts, Victor Tausk was perhaps Sigmund Freud's most brilliant pupil--"the most prominently out-standing" in the opinion of Lou Andreas-Salome. Tausk
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This edition of Elisabeth Young-Bruehl's definitive biography of pioneering child analyst Anna Freud includes--among other new features--a major retrospective introduction by the author. Praise for
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Freud, the man and the cause
So much has been written about Freud by his adminens, his enemies, and himselfthat one may wonder ifanother lengthy book was necessary. Aften neading Clank’s biography, I happily answer that,
The Freud/Jung letters : the correspondence between Sigmund Freud and C. G. Jung
In April 1906, Sigmund Freud wrote a brief note to C. G. Jung, initiating a correspondence that was to record the rise and fall of the close relationship between the founder of psychoanalysis and his
The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud
Indexes and Bibliographies. This collection of twenty-four volumes is the first full paperback publication of the standard edition of The Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud in English
Geneticists and the evolutionary synthesis in interwar Germany.
According to Ernst Mayr, most geneticists were not particularly interested in or well informed about macro-evolutionary processes and thus did not make major contributions to the evolutionary synthesis of the 1930s and 1940s, but this characterization does not fit their German counterparts.